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The eyes tell the story! Living in a cage can not be fun. Especially if they are accustomed to having full run of the house.

Frightening I would have been happier at home!




Welcome to No Stress Pets.

Going to a boarding kennel can be an extremely stressful experience for our four legged friends.


Now there is an alternative!

We provide the highest quality customized care for your pets while you are away. Pets stay in the environment where they are most comfortable, their home.

Pets are less stressed when they can remain in their own environment and continue their normal daily routines.

You can leave home knowing that your pets are in the capable hands of a pet-loving professional. My top priorities are the well-being of your pets, and your peace of mind!

If you compare my experience, skills, knowledge, and rates to the competition in the area, I am sure that you will be giving me a call.

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We all spoil our pets..... whether we admit it or not.

Why put them in a kennel when you leave? Let them stay in the comfort of their own home.